2018 Events Archive

Sundowner Hotel DinnerRun

September 2018

Popular run and good food

Grandchester Hotel Lunch Run

August 2018

It was a cool and wet day for the run to the Grandchester hotel via the Eagle Rock Café at Laidley. We had a mix of daily drives and classics but it was well worth the drive the meals were great

Flying Bean Cafe - Beachmont

June 2018

We were all prepared for a cool drive up to Beechmont and we weren’t disappointed it was cold. We had a stop for coffee and a warm up at The Outpost café at Canungra and then made our way to The Flying Bean Café at Beechmont right up on the ridge and what a wonderful view we had to enjoy our lunch

Middle Green Dinner Run

June 2018

A new venue for a dinner cruise. Cool night , great food and coffee and cake at Maccas on the way home

Fine Iron Show

May 2018

Our traditional run to the Fine Iron Show. Congratulations to Steve, Anne- Marie and Michael who all won trophies on the day. 

Karalee Hotel Dinner Run

May 2018

What a fantastic turn out we had with 18 people for dinner at the  Karalee Hotel. Some of the meals were extremely large and even though we were all full we still made the trek back to Maccas for our customary coffee and dessert

MtAlford Run

April 2018

We had  a beautiful day for the run out to the Mt Alford Hotel where  we all enjoyed the great food and conversationfollowed by a drive around Moogerah dam.

Carls Jnr Dinner Run

April 2018

Our April dinner run was to Carls jnr at Redbank. After a bit of a muck around with them not reserving a table for us we all enjoyed the burgers  and then we made our way over to Zaffarra' s  for coffee and dessert. There were that many of us that we nearly filled the place.

Colleges Crossing Picnic Run

January 2018

Another  nice and relaxing morning having great conversations while enjoying a bite to eat.


And yes Ross you did keep your birthday quiet.

Thompsons Beach Dinner Run

January 2018

It was a great evening for a cruise to Thompsons Beach for our BBQ dinner run. Eight cars came out and everyone agreed it was a great night even though we where in the dark, but that was ok we were all just chatting for hours. As always happens on our runs we decided to go to maccas for ice cream and that’s when we realized it was 10pm ( we were having such a good time that the time passed quickly )

Christmas Lights Cruise

December 2017

We had a really good turn out for our last run of the year with 11 cars.

We filled up first at the Satay Box where we all enjoyed the meal then left for our Christmas lights tour. All the ones we visited were execptional and they out did themselves.Then after the tour we all went back to Maccas for ice cream.

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