2017 Events Archive

Christmas Lights Cruise

December 2017

We had a really good turn out for our last run of the year with 11 cars.

We filled up first at the Satay Box where we all enjoyed the meal then left for our Christmas lights tour. All the ones we visited were execptional and they out did themselves.Then after the tour we all went back to Maccas for ice cream.

Christmas Party

December 2017

What a great night. Angela and Garry hosted our own trivia quiz that was very entertaining. Everyone was looking forward to Santa and he didn’t disappoint, he was again accompanied by the elves. Thanks must go to Garry and Angela for organizing the many raffles on the night

Green Frog Hollow Cafe

October 2017

It was quite a warm day for the run to The Green Frog Hollow Café and what a hidden gem it is.The food was great the company was great and the friendly little visitors kept us all captivated.

Dinner Run - GJs Marsden

October 2017

We had a good turnout for our run to Yank Tanks at Coomera Unfortunately it was cancelled due to rain so we made a decision to go to the ever popular GJ's at Marsden were the food is always great.

Ormiston House

September 2017

Great place for devenshire tea overlooking the bay

Mulgowie Hotel Cruise

August 2017

Morning tea at Eagle Rock is always a great experience

Sundowner Hotel Dinner Run

August 2017

Not a bad turn out for our run to the Sundowner Hotel. The meals here are always good and not too badly priced.

Dinner Run - Cafe Arabica

March 2017

As usual when this run comes around, we had a great turnout and why not the food is always great.We had 9 cars even with the threat of rain, must have been those waffles calling.

Logan PCYC

February 2017

It was a very small turnout from clubmembers for the Logan PCYC car show with only 6 cars braving the heat of the day. Unfortunately we had no trophy winners but that’s not what its all about, its about getting our cars out and driving them and letting people look at them

Dinner Run - Getta Burger - Yamanto

February 2017

We had a really good turn out for our run to Yamanto to try out the new Getta Burger, where we all enjoyed the hamburgers followed by dessert at Mc Donalds .

Breakfast Run Logan River Parklands

January 2017

We had a small group for the first run of the year with 5 cars making the run to Logan River Reserve for Breckky.It was a very warm morning but we still enjoyed breakfast and Micks special Pancakes which are always good.

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